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If you like cycling but don't ride and want to be part of this team, here is a good opportunity.

You can be a member of our team even if you don’t pedal, because our team doesn’t only exist for sport but also for socializing.

By becoming a member of our team, you are now entitled to be present in our annual gathering.

As well as you are entitled to the respective membership number and membership card in digital format.

You are also entitled to purchase clothes from our team for the same prices as cyclists.


In the future we hope to be able to give more benefits to all members.

All new members must pay their annual dues (€ 12).


The quotas being settled and validated only after the transfer was made, to the club account (BPI Account - NIB: 0010 0000 57211490001 28).

Later, you will have to send the respective proof of transfer to the email of our club, as well as a photograph in order to be used for the Membership Card. (

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