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Associação Tugacycling Portugal was created in 2019 in the parish of Mós - Bragança, and is represented in different parts of the country as well as with Portuguese communities around the world, particularly in the USA and Canada.


The Association was created with the aim of bringing together the largest number of people interested in the development and dissemination of the sports practice of bicycles, by a group of people linked to this modality with a common project, which is gaining more and more strength and power together of its partners and public entities regarding the individual initiatives it organizes.

Associação Tugacycling Portugal is affiliated with the Portuguese Cycling Federation so that its members can enjoy the advantages inherent in this modality, so all members must be affiliated with this Federation.

TugaCycling was founded and registered in the State of New York by Manuel Correia on October 30, 2008, as a non-profit organization for the dedication of cycling.

It was created in the heart of the Portuguese Community on which it has the support of many lovers of the sport and several Entrepreneurs as well as clubs in the city of Ossining, Tarrytown and Yonkers.

In Portugal the institution was created so that athletes could have the support of the Portuguese Cycling Federation and its sponsors.

As you know, cycling today, whether in the professional or amateur field, is a sport with more fans around the world, but in a more special way in communities around the world.

Cyclotourists who belong to this foundation have felt the human warmth in the events in which they have participated, and the proof of this is the various invitations they have been receiving over the years.

This Organization aims to support the diverse values that have profiled this modality, trying to transmit a positive message to the youngest ones, instilling them a healthy life through sport, operating in New York, New Jersey, Canada and Portugal.

Athletes who are scattered around the world, wear our colors and participate in humanitarian events trying to help in solidarity causes as well as cycling events.

TugaCycling is always open to all lovers of the sport and everyone who is interested, just register on our website and accept the regulation.

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