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portuguese bowl of track

The first race of track is already on Saturday 05 February, the inaugural race of the 2022 edition of the Portuguese Cup.

Our team will once again be present in this cycling modality.

The National Velodrome De Sangalhos will receive this important race, the race will start at 09:30, with interruption for lunch between 13:05 and 15:00.

Riders from the youth layers - from juveniles - to the masters, as well as paracyclists , will be on the track. It should be noted that the Under-23 or Elites category will not be in evidence.

The disciplines that make up the program are individual pursuit, 500 meters time trial, scratch, elimination and points race.

In addition to bicycles and motorized, the Museum of Two Wheels has a large range of parts and accessories, some of them authentic rarities, which also mark the history of cycling and motorcycling local, regional and national. The space also has an important documentary and photographic collection present in a digital and interactive media.

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