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It was one of the first piglet houses in the heart of Bairrada, which focuses its cuisine, in addition to the Bairrada roast suckling pig, on the preparation of regional dishes such as cabidela, brown rice sauce, feijoada and oven-roasted cod. In addition to regional dishes, it offers a huge choice of fish, seafood and premium meat dishes.

Likewise, in a small cellar, located at the back, the restaurant's wines were produced which, over the years, gave way to QMF - Quinta da Mata Fidalga which is now a national and European reference in the production of DOC wines and Sparkling.

Unbeatable in the art of roasting the piglet, always hot during the entire period you can visit us (11:00 to 23:00), the Nova Casa dos Leitões also ensures, and in a highly rigorous manner, all the stages of its preparation and that they will from slaughter (with its own slaughterhouse), to roasters, preparations, seasoning, and stay in the oven.


This house also invests heavily in the careful selection of regional ingredients and the promotion of good food health.

However, and despite the commitment to remain faithful to its origins in a region renowned for its gastronomic reputation, this house stands out for promoting other menus and betting on the necessary complementarity for customers who visit us on a daily basis.


Therefore, before inviting you to invade the pleasures of our cuisine, we recommend a visit to the "menu" section where you can venture into delicious experiences.

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