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InGamba Tours started with a professional cyclist's dream, sketched on a restaurant tablecloth.

The starting point came from a simple question: What would a perfect cyclist week be like?

A week away from diets, strict schedules and training regimes. Just the bike, a perfect place and the best cuisine in the region.

This fantasy is now a reality. InGamba provides the equipment and support usually exclusive for elite athletes with the comfort and quality of a luxury getaway.



Then we combine these unique factors with some of the most amazing places in the world and add the most important ingredient of all: fun.

A trip with inGamba is not an experience that can be recreated from a guide. InGamba lives in these places and we worked with Grand Tour winners - and now we use this knowledge to create the dream vacation. This is cycling, but not as you are used to.

Get ready for an adventure.

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