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Giordana Cycling was created out of a desire to create the best in cycling apparel.

Combining Italian craftsmanship, style and nearly 50 years of industry knowledge, we create clothing for everyone from competitive runners to everyday enthusiasts.

Our mission is to continue pushing the envelope to create technically advanced product collections that add value, comfort and high-performance features to every ride.


Our founder was born not far from the city where our factory is today. Purpose-built and operated facilities allow us to maintain our most rigorous standards of quality and consistency.

Furthermore, our production exceeds EU requirements for green practices.

When you use Giordana, you know that not only are you using premium, professional-grade materials, but that they are dyed with gentle, water-based dyes.

Excess fabric cuttings and printing paper are recycled. Skylights provide light to reduce electrical consumption.

We believe in doing things the right way – both for our customers and for our planet.

  • Our mission

It's our mission to push the technological envelope while celebrating Giordana's heritage.

  • Our promise

Our promise is to provide technically advanced cycling apparel with features that maximize your performance.

  • Our Merit

Thanks to a heritage that dates back nearly 50 years, we have the experience to deliver on our promise. We believe in our commitment to continuous innovation, combined with quality and experience that can only come from authentic craftsmanship in Italy.

  • Our Impact

Our wholly owned and purpose-operated facilities allow us to maintain our strictest standards of quality and consistency. Furthermore, our production exceeds EU requirements for green practices.

Our experience

authentic heritage,
genuine passion,
unparalleled experience
and constant innovation

Giordana is proud to be the most trusted name in cycling apparel.

We've reached this point by combining cutting-edge technologies with authentic Italian craftsmanship to help every cyclist push the limits of what's possible.

“For anyone who loves cycling – to give them a new experience, something that performs better than anything they've ever had. Even when we have something good, we want to make it better – that's our approach. ”

– Giorgio Andretta, Founder and CEO

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