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The Arrábida Challenge is a challenge almost entirely done within the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, passing through Serra do Louro and Serra de São Luís.

All stages will pass through the most attractive points of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park from Palmela, Azeitão, Lagoa de Albufeira, Sesimbra, Setúbal.

Participants have a time interval to complete each stage, they can choose the day(s) and time(s) in which they want to fulfill this challenge.

This challenge is carried out in full autonomy and taking full responsibility for your behavior as a citizen and cyclist, especially with regard to your safety and that of other road users and in compliance with the health regulations in force .

The marking of stages, the recording of data, as well as the validation of the achieved goals and the athletes' performance is done through electronic devices (GPS) and digital platforms developed for this purpose.

All communication management and data verification is carried out by the team responsible for the development and management of Arrábida Challenge.

All stages will have an overall classification, male and female, and not by levels, since it is only a challenge in a playful way in which the most important thing is to do sport.


The time to be recorded is the time in motion, at this time we will deduct about 5 minutes, since in some cases there are small slight stops.

The first three classified in each stage are entitled to a prize still to be defined, the remaining athletes receive a virtual diploma.

The Arrábida Challenge is divided into 3 stages, Setúbal, Palmela and Sesimbra.

The first stage to start and finish in the district capital Setúbal, a fishing town where you'll have a pleasant gastronomy waiting for you, such as good roasted fish and regional wines to accompany, this only after the challenge.

As attractions in the city, you cannot miss the Mercado do Livramento, Avenida Luísa Todi, and the entire area surrounding the Parque Urbano de Albarquel, never forgetting the magnificent beaches.

Second stage, Vila de Sesimbra this fishing village is known for its beaches and good fish. Black scabbard fish, fished in the deep waters near Cape Espichel. Inserted in the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. As such, don't be surprised if you find a wild boar or a lark in the countryside, the bird that gives its name to one of the towns that make up the municipality of Sesimbra. The village is also bathed by a calm sea and a deep blue that merges with the sky.  

Third and last stage, Vila de Palmela is deeply linked to its importance as a wine region. The cultivation of vines has been practiced since ancient times, as the region has the right soil and climate conditions for the production of a great variety of wines.

This last stage ends with the climb to the viewpoint of Castelo de Palmela, when you arrive here you will be able to appreciate all the beauty of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and you will feel proud of your achievement.

During the challenge, you will pass through the village of Vila de Azeitão, which belongs to the district of Setúbal, right next to the Arrábida mountain range, and is well-known for hosting big names in wine production, cheese and Azeitão sweet pies. Three things that, without a doubt, become three strong reasons to visit this beautiful village.

In addition to the various villages, we will pass through the villages of Arrábida, the villages of Piedade, São Pedro and Portela being known generically as Coina-a-Velha, which is one of the oldest places in Azeitão as evidenced by its name and the ruins of your castle.

village of piety

The name Aldeia da Piedade may be related to the name of a chapel that existed in that place. This village is quite beautiful. Their houses form a beautiful set, extremely well framed in the surrounding landscape. As a living room, it features the characteristic square of the well, a living room for the people of the village and the center of their daily life. Over there you can see buildings from the 16th centuries. XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX, round portals, rustic canteens, etc.

St. Peter's Village

The name of the nearby chapel comes to him. Some round stone portals show the village's antiquity, perhaps from the 16th century, or perhaps earlier as the chapel is. This village has around 10 to 12 families.

Portela village

It is a very small village, made up of about fifteen families. Nobody knows who first built the first house on that site, but  the name comes from being in the  top of  elevation and from there – in this doorway – pass the road to Parral and El Carmem. The same extract from the letter of Dom Pedro I, transcribed when talking about Aldeia de Oleiros, also mentions the gates. I don't know if at the time, that is, in 1366, the “top of the Serra das Portalas” was already populated, mentioned in the aforementioned document.

village of potters

In Aldeia de Oleiros, the Chapel of S. Marcos, from the 16th century, as well as the fountain from the 18th century, stand out.

village of brothers

In Aldeia de Irmão, the Capela de São Sebastião, as well as several farms in this area, stand out. The name “Aldeia dos Irmãos” (and not Aldeia de Irmãos, as it is today) is due, according to tradition, to the fact that the construction of the beautiful chapel of São Sebastião was a consequence of the action developed by some brothers who lived in that locality. .

After enjoying the towns and villages, the most awaited moment of all arrives, the climb to the magnificent Serra da Arrábida, one of the most complete nature destinations in Portugal. The combination of the crystalline waters of the sea with the green vegetation of the mountains gives the perfect color for an escape into nature. It can be said that Mother Nature spared no efforts to create this “Paradise”.

In the interior of the mountain range, you will be able to enjoy the most famous beaches in the area, such as Praia do Portinho da Arrábida, Praia de Galapos, and Praia da Figueirinha.

At the highest point of Serra da Arrábida, if the day is cloudless, you will be able to observe the entire Costa Vicentina, heading towards Setúbal, where the 7th Bataria of the Costa de Outão Artillery Regiment has a privileged view. On one side, we can see the Tróia Peninsula and the Sado Estuary. On the other hand, our gaze is easily taken by the Atlantic Ocean.

Now abandoned, the 7th battery was part of the defense line of the Atlantic coast and the ports of Setúbal and Lisbon. Created by the Portuguese Armed Forces after World War II, it was active until 1998.

Deep inside the Serra, you can find the magnificent Convento da Arrábida, the Convento da Arrábida is waiting for you, hidden by the vegetation, in a unique setting in the country. The cells are spread over the hillside and resemble a hermit village, which characterizes this Franciscan convent founded in 1542 by Friar Martinho de Santa Maria. There are even cells dug into the rocks at the top of the mountain, next to the Ermida da Memória, where the first four Arrábidos friars settled. Nowadays, the convent belongs to the Fundação do Oriente and it is necessary to schedule your visit in advance, which can take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Come and find pure spirituality in the middle of the Arrábida mountains.

Not forgetting what is best done in this region, the wine and the famous Moscatel de Setúbal, you can find these delicacies all over the area with more evidence in the villages of Palmela and Azeitão, they have at your disposal several wineries where you can visit and buy some products .

One day probably won't come to visit this little corner, join the best of both worlds, sport and sightseeing and you'll certainly be surrendered to everything that Serra da Arrábida Natural Park has to offer.





The Arrábida Challenge takes place in the protected area of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, which is why we ask you to comply with the Code of Conduct in Protected Areas:



WHEN can I do the steps

Cyclists have three time windows to do each stage, each window will have a period of one month to complete each stage. Cyclists choose the day(s) and time(s) in which they intend to complete the three stages.

The activities/stage must be downloaded from STRAVA and shared with the Arrábida Challenge team, within a maximum period of 48 hours after the start time, for example: if a cyclist started his/her stage/activity at 09:00 on Saturday, this activity will only be validated if it is downloaded from Strava and shared with the Arrábida Challenge team until 09:00 on Monday).

and who can participate in the Arrábida challenge


The Arrábida Challenge is open to athletes of both sexes and of any nationality, aged 18 years or over.

Athletes under 18 years old cannot participate unless they are federated athletes in the Portuguese Cycling Federation, they will have to send a photo of the respective card.

Attention, in order to participate in our challenge, each athlete must have an active account on the STRAVA platform - , accepting to share your profile data on this platform with the Arrábida Challenge team and also share and publish the activities related to the participation in the three stages.

The challenge is open to various types of cycling practitioners, whether amateurs or professionals, the ratings will be different: 
• PRO – Professional Cyclists
• GENERAL - Amateur Cyclists


I have to register  

Yes. Enrollment in the Arrábida Challenge will not have any cost for participants, however it is mandatory and can be done on the official website,, by filling out the enrollment form.

JOIN Strava

Dear participant, in addition to having to register on the official website as mentioned above, each participant must have a public profile and an active account on the STRAVA platform.

To participate in the Arrabida Challenge, you just need an account on the STRAVA platform, this account does not need to be paid.

We will only be able to accept in this challenge participants who expressly declare their authorization to share and publicly display their Strava profile and all the data associated with it, as well as the activities carried out under this challenge and all the data recorded therein.

What's the point

Arrábida Challenge participants can enter this challenge with several objectives. Serra da Arrábida has everything a cyclist is looking for in order to enjoy the best of both worlds, Serra da Arrábida is increasingly becoming a reference destination for road cycling.

As such, there is already the Clássica da Arrábida test for professionals and the Granfondo da Arrábida test for amateurs. 

Participants can compete against each other in a healthy way in these new pandemic times.

Step completed

The stage is considered completed after the participants send us their activity by email, after completing it, they have 48 hours to send us their activity.


All athletes receive a virtual diploma after completing the stage and this will be analyzed by our team where it will appear, name, time and classification.

ranking awards  

Athletes with the best three records at the end of each stage receive a personalized virtual diploma and possibly some awards, we are working towards captivating companies in the region to join this challenge in order to promote their brand and their products .



The Arrábida Challenge Card is a virtual and completely free and exclusive card for Arrábida Challenge participants and gives access to special discounts in partnerships with Arrábida Challenge in the municipalities of Palmela, Sesimbra and Setúbal, where each stage begins and ends.

Whenever this virtual card is requested, it may be required to be presented in places where partnerships exist. It may also be required to be sent by email or by other means, as proof.

Discounts are not cumulative. For example: when booking at a hotel for two people with two Arrábida Challenge Card, there is only a discount on one card on the total amount, as well as in restaurants.

When confirming your data, you will receive your virtual card in your email box, we recommend that you save this card in digital format.


This card can only be used once in each partnership with Arrábida Challenge, as well as during festive seasons this discount may not be valid and will be considered by the establishment.  

This virtual card is valid until December 31, 2021.







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Establishments in partnership with the Arrábida Challenge may request the Card Arrábida to be forwarded  Challenge in order to prove your registration, in order to obtain a discount.

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